How To Care For Your Skin After An Oxygen Facial?

How To Care For Your Skin After An Oxygen Facial

Often, we see different signs of aging as the everyday struggles of patients. These are why they choose various skin care regimens, from botox and fillers to dermaplaning and facials. However, no matter how common these signs of aging are, it does not erase the fact that most regimens do not target their root causes. One of the significant causes of skin problems is dehydrated skin, which does not look flattering. Luckily, this blog will introduce a skin care treatment and a solution for dry skin! Bid goodbye to it with Oxygen Facials. 

What is an Oxygen Facial? 

An Oxygen Facial is a nonmedical procedure performed by an aesthetician in a spa. It is nonmedical because no chemicals or injections are involved. According to sources, Oxygen Facials can improve blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and stimulate collagen production. 

Additionally, Oxygen Facials provide condensed oxygen molecules to your skin, specifically to your epidermis. It uses powerful ingredients that give long-lasting and instant skin hydration. The facial feed rejuvenates and energizes the skin with the powers of oxygen products infused with collagen-boosting serums. It is also reportedly excellent in improving visible redness and dryness for patients with Rosacea and acne-prone skin. 

What are the advantages of Oxygen Facial?

In general, facials have tons of benefits and include the following:

  • It provides relaxation. 
  • It reduces inflammation. 
  • It exfoliates and cleanses the skin. 
  • It reduces signs of aging.
  • It enhances and maintains the skin’s appearance. 
  • It improves scarring appearance. 
  • It manages acne. 

When it comes explicitly to Oxygen Facial, it has the three most potent advantages, which are the following:

  • Maintained clear skin: An Oxygen Facial can eliminate pore appearance so they cannot accumulate dust and dirt. Because when the pores are clogged with dead skin, dirt, bacteria, or oil, this is where acne formation occurs. With the help of Oxygen Facial in unclogging these pores and diminishing pore appearance, you will maintain clear skin. This facial will also produce healthy and clean pores for glowing skin. 
  • Support natural collagen: It has been emphasized that collagen is essential to healthy skin. Collagen binds your cells together, responsible for firmer skin and maintaining skin elasticity. Upon aging, collagen weakens, which causes wrinkles to appear. Oxygen Facials can help support your natural collagen production for smoother and healthier skin without wrinkles and fine lines. It also promotes a more youthful glow for all skin types! 
  • Quick cell turnover: Skin cells are not there eternally. Although this is the case, dead cells are replaced by new ones, which are healthy and keep your skin plump and bright. This process, called skin regeneration, is heightened by an Oxygen Facial. It also boosts the frequency of cell creation, so it creates a quicker cell turnover. And faster cell turnover means the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. 

How does Oxygen Facial work? 

Oxygen Facial works by starting with a double cleanse, décolleté and neck massage, exfoliation with a light enzyme peel, followed by an oxygenating mask. Additionally, without Scientific backup, it is believed that skin cells are fully oxygenated to look healthy and bright with Oxygen Facial.  

What is the procedure for Oxygen Facial?

During the session, your provider will cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Although each spa is unique in its process for Oxygen Facial administration, generally, a wand is utilized to deliver a stream of high pressurized Oxygen to the skin’s surface. 

Serums containing hyaluronic acid are also applied to the skin after the treatment area is administered with oxygen. The serums are known to give skin a plumper look. 

Side effects, cost, and treatment

While Oxygen Facials sound promising, it still has some risks you must watch out for, including facial swelling and puffiness, temporary skin redness, and allergic reaction to serums. Before pushing through Oxygen Facial to know your suitability, ensure to talk to your provider first. 

The price for an Oxygen Facial varies depending on your choice of medical spa or clinic. However, the general cost ranges from $75-$150. Some also report that prices range from $200-$500. Although medical spas may offer lower prices, ensure that they are reputable and experienced. Remember that Oxygen Facials are also cosmetic procedures, which is why it is not covered by insurance. 

As for the treatment length, it will depend on the type of facial you got. However, generally, a treatment may take half an hour to finish. 

What are the other types of facials? 

Aside from Oxygen Facials, other types of facials are commonly available in various medical spas.  

  • Diamond Glow Facial: A Diamond Glow Facial is the most dynamic skin treatment and is considered the foundation of glowing and beautiful skin. This treatment goes beyond the traditional facial because it features a noninvasive and simultaneous exfoliation. Patients testify to having a fresher feeling after choosing from three Diamond Glow Facial options: the Pore-Clarifying, Brightening, and Hydrating. 
  • Clarifying Facial: The treatment starts with a toning and relaxing massage of the neck, face, and decolletage. After this, the skin is cleansed with a light enzyme cleanser and extracted if needed. A high frequency will calm the skin and kill bacteria penetrating the pores, stimulating blood flow. 
  • Dermaplane: Dermaplaning is an efficient and safe method for physical exfoliation. Your provider will gently shave the skin’s surface, which removes the outermost layer of your skin where dead skin and vellus hairs are located. 
  • Glow n Go Facial: Through a lactic peel, a Glow n Go Facial is tailored to your skin’s specific needs. Lactic acid is known to be hydrating, leaving your skin with a beautiful glow. 
  • Custom Glow Facial: The Custom Glow Facial will give your skin a renewed radiance and can be personalized depending on your skin type, so it takes extra care for sensitive skin. 

What is the aftercare for Oxygen Facial?

You do not have to put much effort into Oxygen Facial aftercare because it has no healing and downtime after. You can also apply makeup if you prefer. It is that easy and safe! 

Oxygen Facial is for you if you are a fan of relaxing and getting healthy glowing skin simultaneously! You can get the treatment in Glow MedSpa of 30A; they will not only give an excellent service but also strengthen the value and personal touch with you as their client. 

Pamper yourself with Oxygen Facial and reserve a spot in the best medical spa in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida!


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