Laser Treatments in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Laser Treatments in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Laser treatments utilize focused light and specific wavelengths to treat various conditions. It is possible to produce powerful healing waves by using concentrated laser light. By using a laser, a small area can be targeted with extreme precision, leaving surrounding tissue untouched. Laser therapy minimizes pain, swelling, and downtime compared to traditional surgery. From unwanted hair to skin tightening, lasers are extremely versatile and effective.

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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

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IPL treatments generate collagen and target unwanted hyperpigmentation (sunspots) simultaneously. IPL is great for treating sun-damaged skin, age spots, unwanted redness, and large pores. Additionally, it reduces pore size and improves facial capillaries. Due to their high exposure to sunlight, the face, neck, back of hands, forearms, chest, and shoulders are the most commonly treated areas. Three or five treatments are typically recommended for optimal results.



GLOW Med Spa of 30A uses Erbium YAG lasers on the face and neck to treat a wide range of skin issues. The skin’s layers are gently penetrated using laser energy, resulting in younger, healthier skin. In addition to leaving the skin smooth, bright, and youthful, Erbium Yag lasers are safe and non-invasive.

The Erbium YAG treatment penetrates the skin’s chromophores with high-energy light pulses. By converting light energy to heat, damaged or discolored skin layers are destroyed. A healthier, brighter layer of skin grows in the healed area. There can be a few days of social downtime.


Skin Resurfacing

A laser skin resurfacing treatment reveals firm, healthy skin underneath by removing the outer layer of the skin, which peels off after about a week. It achieves a radiant, renewed look by removing the outer layer of the skin. With laser skin resurfacing, wrinkles are reduced and tightened, pigmentation is balanced, and blemishes such as acne scars, age spots, and hyperpigmentation are removed.The laser skin resurfacing procedure heats the bottom layer of skin as it removes the outer layer. Your body uses this process to naturally rebuild the skin structure and produce new, elastic, and more beautiful skin by stimulating collagen production.

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