Microneedling and Why We Love It!

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Here at GLOW, we LOVE microneedling because it is one of the most effective treatment available today. Let me explain…our facials are great for addressing things like anti-aging, hydration, congestion and/or acne. Chemical peels are going to improve the overall texture of the skin and help with pigment and breakouts. Microneedling, however is going to give the most marked improvement in tone and texture of the skin, pigment, pore size, and fine lines.

We get lots of questions about microneedling, so we thought we would answer some of them here for you.

Does it hurt?

No! We numb the skin with a topical cream for 40 minutes and then remove it and you don’t feel anything sharp or painful. Most people feel the vibration but no pain.

Will I have to stay in my house for weeks?

No! Immediately after you will be very red, similar to a moderate sunburn. Some people have mild swelling. Day 2 typically you’re still red, you may want to hang out at home. Day 3 most people are only slightly pink and if needed can use makeup to cover any remaining redness.

What exactly IS microneedling?

We use a handheld device with a cartridge containing 36 tiny needles and glide them over the skin after it has been numbed. Pinpoint blood is seen on the skin. Our device is called Collagen Pin and is one of the more powerful and effective microneedling pens. The tiny needles inflict micro-injuries to the skin, triggering the healing response and creating new collagen. This is what improves pore size, fine lines, and tightens skin.

Can microneedling help with melasma or hyperpigmentation (sun spots)?

Yes! Unlike lasers which use heat and can actually stimulate MORE pigment, microneedling uses no heat. So there is no chance of rebound pigment. Darker complexions in particular are tough to treat for dark spots and this is why microneedling is perfect for them.

Can you microneedle anything besides the face?

Yes! You can microneedle any part of the body. Mild stretch marks and scars can be improved. The neck is another common treatment area for our clients, as this can show aging even quicker than the skin on the face.

One other thing to consider with microneedling is that a minimum of 3 treatments is recommended to get the best result, with some clients needling more treatments.

If you have more questions or you’re ready to get results please give us a call!

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